XXL Candy Krazie

Why settle for candies when you can have BIGGER candies?

Get your ultimate Candy rush with this super-sized XXL Showbag packed with all your candy favourites. This is a perfect bag that can be gifted or shared with friends at playdates, parties, festivals, and just about anywhere!

2x Zappo Bubblegum flavour 26g
2x Chunky Watermelon Slices 45g
2x Fizzer Strawberry 11.6g
2x Fizzer Grape
6x Mini Burger 9g
1x Trolli Pizza XXL 45g
1x Fairy Floss Blueberry 15g
1x Sweetworld Swirl Pop 80g
2x Fizzy Fun Sherbet Bottles 18g
1x Rainbow Straws 160g
1x Super Water Pistol 25g
1x Triple Dippers 42.5g
1x Britecrawlers 150g
1x Reusable Tote Bag

Find this showbag at SHOWBAG CITY outlets:

– Showbag City, Kids Luna Park, Loton Ave (Behind Main Arena Screen)
– Showbag City, Waylen Ave near Chairlift Entrance
– Showbag City Hall, Keane Ave, Showbag Alley Lane
– Showbag City Edgar Ave, near BBQ Turkey Legs