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School Scarecrow

The “Celebrating Diversity in Agriculture” Scarecrow Competition is a creative and fun category aimed at engaging young people and schools in drawing awareness towards where food comes from. 

We would like to help the next generation learn about where food and fibre comes from and build awareness of the thousands of people who work in the agriculture industry.

Our farms and those who work in the industry, play an important role in feeding not only the people of Western Australia, but also the rest of the country and even the world.

The aim of this year’s Scarecrow Competition is to encourage interest in agriculture by highlighting its importance to our daily lives and to celebrate the people who make up the industry.

The competition is open to all Western Australian primary schools and is free to enter.

Further Information:

For more information please contact the Competition and Event Coordinator.

(Results will only available once competition has ended)

P: 08 6263 3100