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Join us in celebrating the excellence of Merino wool at the Perth Royal Show Wool competition. 

Did you know that most of the world’s fine Merino wool comes from Australia? Our Australian Merino wool is cherished for its softness and superior quality, making it loved by many designers for various garments and textiles across the globe. 

Experience the luxury of fine Merino wool, proudly produced by our local Western Australian farmers at the show. 

Merino wool: 

  • Benefits from natural breathability 
  • Keeps you warm in winter yet cool in summer 
  • Drapes beautifully and resists creasing 
  • Shrugs off stains and keeps its colour when washed 
  • Benefits from natural anti-static and anti-odour properties. 

Many categories are available for producers to enter fleece into the show: 

  • Ultra Fine Fleece 
  • Super Fine Fleece 
  • Fine Fleece 
  • Medium Fleece 
  • Strong Fleece 

For all those entering fleece into the Perth Royal Show, the ultimate goal is to be awarded the Supreme Champion Fleece. Think you have a chance of winning? Enter now to find out! 

For more details on entering the Wool competition, contact our Event and Competition Coordinator. 

(Results will only available once competition has ended)

P: 08 6263 3100