The Grossest Bag on Earth

Think you can handle gross? Then try to stomach this uber gross bag!

‘The Grossest Bag on Earth’ is the perfect showbag for party tricks and harmless pranks. It is an all-rounder bag that’s filled with slimey and gross items to play and have loads of laughs with.

1 x Squishy Slime Ball Toy
1 x Toy Spider 10cm
1 x Prank Whoopie Cushion
1 x Prank Poo Toy
1 x Pretend Scar Patch Sheet
1 x Pretend Tongue Toy
1 x Drinking Straw Glasses
1 x Vampire Teeth Kit with Fake Blood
1 x Prank Nail in Finger Bandage Toy
1 x Prank Pretend Ice with Toy Insect
1 x Reusable Tote Bag

Find this showbag at SHOWBAG CITY outlets:

– Showbag City Hall, Keane Ave, Showbag Alley Lane