Squishy Delight 2

It’s ‘squish’ galore with the ‘Squish Delight’ showbag.

This delightful showbag is the perfect bag for babies, toddlers and sensory seekers of all ages. Featuring a selection of the cutest squishy toys that can be squeezed and squished for calming and regulating deep pressure input!

1 x Squishy Cat
1 x Squishy Cup Cake
1 x Squishy Dog
1 x Squishy Panda Tart
1 x Squishy Whale
1 x Squishy Icecream

Find this showbag at SHOWBAG CITY outlets:

– Showbag City, Kids Luna Park, Loton Ave (Behind Main Arena Screen)
– Showbag City, Waylen Ave near Chairlift Entrance
– Showbag City Hall, Keane Ave, Showbag Alley Lane
– Showbag City Edgar Ave, near BBQ Turkey Legs