Extrem-o Mega Sour

How sour can you go? The Extreme-o Mega Sour bag will test your limits! Packed full of your favourite sour lollies, perfect for sharing, competing, or devouring on your own. Beware: this showbag contains extreme sourness, so proceed with caution!

1x Warhead Sour Bombs 50g
1x Warhead Sour Bombs 50g
1x Extreme Sour Hard Candy 56g
1x Warheads Sour Jelly Beans 150g
1x X-Treme Sour Straps Watermelon 160g
1x X-Treme Rollz Rainbow 40g
1x Super Sour Spray 20ml
2x Candy Sours
1x Warhead Cubes 150g
1x Warheads Sour Soda 355ml

Find this showbag at SHOWBAG CITY outlets:

– Showbag City, Kids Luna Park, Loton Ave (Behind Main Arena Screen)
– Showbag City, Waylen Ave near Chairlift Entrance
– Showbag City Hall, Keane Ave, Showbag Alley Lane
– Showbag City Edgar Ave, near BBQ Turkey Legs