Our Beloved Animal Nursery is Gearing Up For Move-In Day

MEDIA RELEASE | 12 September 2023

The Perth Royal Show, an annual extravaganza of agriculture, entertainment, and community spirit, is just around the corner. And as opening day of the Show approaches – animal favourites are getting ready to move into their new homes in the Animal Nursery! It’s a cherished section of the show, known for its fluffy, four-legged, and feathered inhabitants that capture the hearts of all ages, young and old.


Bringing Rural Charm to the Big City

For those who have never experienced it, the nursery at the Perth Royal Show is a delightful slice of rural charm near the city, in Claremont Showgrounds. Amidst the bustling fairground visitors can get lost in a world of their farmyard favourites. The nursery embodies the show’s agricultural roots, providing a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with farm animals.

Royal Agricultural Society of WA Events Manager, Natalie Raynor can’t wait for the animals to move in.

“There will be calves, dairy goats, pigs, rabbits, poultry, ducks, ponies, Highland cattle, birds of prey, reptiles and an aquatic display,” she said.

A Lesson in Agriculture

The nursery also serves as an educational hub for both children and adults. Children will have the chance to learn about where their food comes from and the importance of caring for animals.

Meet the Stars of the Show

From curious calves to quirky goats and spirited piglets, there’s no shortage of cuteness to go around. Visitors can pet, feed, and even bottle-feed some of these gentle creatures, creating lasting memories for children and adults alike.

Supporting Local Farmers

The nursery also serves as a platform to support local farmers. Many of the animals are brought to the show by farmers who take pride in showcasing the beauty and value of their livestock. By visiting the nursery and interacting with these animals, visitors are indirectly supporting the agricultural community.

Mark your calendars and get ready to be charmed by the furry and feathered friends at the Perth Royal Show’s nursery – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!


Josh Duane
Communications and PR Lead 
P: (08) 6263 3100