Dinosaurs ALIVE!

Are you ready for a RWAARRing time? Relive the age of the Dinosaur with this fun-filled ‘Dinosaurs Alive’ bag. This the is perfect item that Dinosaur lovers can bring to school to show their classmates and teachers. Everyone loves Dinosaurs, so why not show it?

1 x Plush Dinosaur
1 x Dino Pen
1 x Dinosaur Discovery Fossil Kit
1 x Dinosaur Pop It
1 x Dinosaur Egg Suprise
1 x Reusable Tote Bag

Find this showbag at SHOWBAG CITY outlets:

– Showbag City, Kids Luna Park, Loton Ave (Behind Main Arena Screen)
– Showbag City Hall, Keane Ave, Showbag Alley Lane
– Showbag City Edgar Ave, near BBQ Turkey Legs