Quiet Hour and Chill out Space for Perth Royal Show 25 September-2 October 2021


This year’s Perth Royal Show will feature a quiet 2-hour session on the Tuesday of the Event and 3 x chill out spaces to provide low-sensory and interactive experiences for young people.

The week-long event, from Saturday 25 September to Saturday 2 October at Perth’s Claremont Showgrounds, is known for its fun frenzy of show bags, funfair rides, animal displays and screams of excited children in Sideshow Alley.

To better support parents, families, people with disability, processing disorders and autism, organisers have arranged a Quiet 2 Hour from 10am to 12pm on Tuesday 28th September 2021

Between this time music and funfair ride sound effects will be switched off and public announcements will be limited. 

The quiet hour is being introduced after APM Communities, a partner of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), approached show organisers about improving the experience of the annual family event for people with disability and sensory conditions.

It follows similar moves by supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths who have expanded quiet hours in hundreds of stores across Australia to improve the shopping experience for parents of children impacted by high-sensory environments.

This was implemented at the 2019 Perth Royal Show and saw huge success and positive feedback from all who participated and utilized the resources.


Chill out spaces

APM Communities and Wanslea have partnered to provide 3 x chill out spaces.

As well as calming lighting there will be relaxed seating and bean bags for people to take a break from the activity of the show which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Visitors to the chill out space will also be able to meet teams from APM Communities and Wanslea who will answer any questions about accessing the NDIS and other support services available for people with disability.


APM Communities and Wanslea both note: “By having a quiet hour and a chill out space, young people with disability who become anxious in a highly stimulating environment can enjoy the show and take breaks as needed.

“It’s been great to work up these new initiatives with show organisers and with our NDIS Partners in the Community so that more families can bring all their children to the show.”

APM Communities Wanslea Early Childhood Early Intervention Early Intervention (0-7 years of age) provide support for people with disability, carers and families by helping them access the NDIS and other community or mainstream services across Western Australia.



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