Discover WA – Celebrating Our State’s Rich Diversity


The Discover WA 2019 Exhibit (previously Walk Through WA) is open every day during the Perth Royal Show.

Western Australia is a place that is rich in diversity, with unique characteristics from the top of the state to the bottom.

Every region has its own reason for being and has been carved by pioneers who have seen the opportunity and desired something different in life for themselves and their community. From the snow that can sit atop Bluff Knoll in our south, to the searing heat that abounds in the north of Western Australia, to the coastal waters that line our endless shores, our great state is very different to anything else and at Discover WA you can Discover it For Yourself! Wind your way through Discover WA and find where some of the world’s best truffles are grown, where the Pink Lady apple comes from and where grains are grown, sheep shorn, cattle mustered and barramundi caught. All in one great state and one great place.

At Discover WA you will learn about agri-tourism and agri-technology, where these are, how they work and what each is. You will also learn about food processes and future fibres, what is agricultural sustainability and why the West is the best! It’s about the People, the Place, the Growth and the Innovation.

Discover WA will be a must see and feel agricultural, horticultural, aqua-cultural, educational and tourism experience for every visitor to the 2019 Perth Royal Show.

Get involved and be a part of this wonderful attraction and experience, because we couldn’t do this without you.