The Mega Savoury Snacker Showbag

50g Traditional Jerky 50g Texan Jerky 50g BBQ Jerky 50g Chilli Jerky 25g Roast Crackle 25g Honey Ham Crackle 25g Bacon Crackle

The Hunter & Gatherer Showbag

50g Traditional Jerky 50g Texan Jerky 50g BBQ Jerky 50g Chilli Jerky 150g Morish Peanut Brittle 80g Morish Caramel Coated Peanuts 80g Morish Caramel Coated Macadamias 80g Morish Nuts Caramel Coated Cashews 80g Morish Nuts Savoury Nibbles Morish Nuts Non-woven Bag

Squishy Delight 2

It’s ‘squish’ galore with the ‘Squish Delight’ showbag. This delightful showbag is the perfect bag for babies, toddlers and sensory seekers of all ages. Featuring a selection of the cutest squishy toys that can be squeezed and squished for calming and regulating deep pressure input! 1 x Squishy Cat 1 x Squishy Cup Cake 1 […]

Gummi Life

Warning! Extreme Stickiness and Chewiness ahead! Want to keep chewing and never stop? Then this ‘Gummi Life’ bag is certain to make you chew and chew! Enjoy snacking on colourful, sweet, and sour treats and bring them to parties and playdates with your friends. After all, the gummi life is meant to be shared! 2x […]

Sour Headz

How sour can you go? This Showbag will test your limits! Are you prepared for an explosion of sour? Because this showbag has your favourite sour lollies and pops that you can use to share, or compete, with your family and friends. Be warned though, this showbag may cause extreme sourness, so proceed if you […]

Sherbetz ‘N’ Popz

Sweet and Fizzy Alert! This showbag will blow your mind! Our Sherbetz ‘n’ Popz show bag is perfect for the lollipop and sweets lover. It contains fun popular lollipop and sherbert goodies that are guaranteed to cause maximum enjoyment. 2x Fizzy Fun Sherbet Bottles 18g 2x Giant Rainbow Straws 13g 2x Triple Dippers 42.5g 1x […]

Unicorn Sweets

Why choose between unicorns and sweets when you can have both? This awesome showbag combines the best of sweets and unicorns. Made for the unicorn-lover, the candies are unicorn-themed, colourful, and made for an enjoyable treat! 1x Super Candy 57g Necklace 1x Fairy Floss 15g 6x Rockets 4.9g 1x Unicorn Embossed Surprise Egg 10g Find […]

Monster Fizz

If you love fizzy lollies, then this showbag is for you! Monster Fizz contains all your fizzy favourites, including Zappos, Fizzers and Zombie Chews! 2x Zappo Bubblegum flavour 26g 2x Zappo Bubblegum flavour 26g 2x Zappo Grape 26g 6x Zappo Millions 16g 2x Fizzer Sour Strawberry 11.6g 2x Fizzer Grape 2x Wicked Fizz Berry Flavour […]

Extrem-o Mega Sour

How sour can you go? The Extreme-o Mega Sour bag will test your limits! Packed full of your favourite sour lollies, perfect for sharing, competing, or devouring on your own. Beware: this showbag contains extreme sourness, so proceed with caution! 1x Warhead Sour Bombs 50g 1x Warhead Sour Bombs 50g 1x Extreme Sour Hard Candy […]