An exceptional shortlist of finalists for the Perth Royal Art Prize was exhibited in 2018, revealing the breadth of talent of Western Australian artists.

2018 Perth Royal Art Prize Winner – Coss, Pennny – Landstain

Highly Commended – Gear, Kendal – Retreat

Highly Commended – Darbyshire, Jo – Limestone coast

People’s Choice Winner – Murphy, Michael Vincent – Sailing towards the wet

Blow, Godfrey – The Last Dance

Broadhurst, Sam – Between light

Castleden, Susanna – Twice every 20 seconds, on the other side of the world (Cape Palliser, New Zealand)

Codee, Suzanne – Human nature #5

Cubitt, Di – South Point

Debbo, Kate – Four horses in a bay with three sharks, one hundred and twenty whales and an evening star

Elliott, Vincent – Winter morning, Hyde Park

Ellis, Cynthia – Lemon yellow haze

Eyles, Jennifer – Cornered by the blue tag: Eucalyptus regnans

Francas, Michael – Down by the oval

Gear, Robert – Atonement

Gibson, Kay – Merino country

Hoy, Susan – The open gate

Hunt, Elyssa – Lake Lefroy from Red Hill

Kidd, Alison – Banksia moonlight

Kobayashi, Hiroshi – Self portrait as the Indian Ocean

Kolbusz, Waldemar – Lay

Kotai, Eveline – Cutaway #1

Lally, Lynley – Incoming over Torbay

Langdon, Pam – 23.5 degrees

Lipscombe, Andre – Stripped painting

Lowe, Felicia – Sign of the times

Lukacs, Laszlo – Flora

D’Souza, Marcia – We only got so far, little one

Markes-Young, Elisa – The original place #4/2018

McKnight, Lia – Filament #2

Muller, Alan – Stirling silver gold Stirling

Nyzistor, Ron – Wormwood aniseed fennel

O’Donohoe, Luke – Untold stories

Perry, Dallas – Hopeless search

Porritt, Robbie – Denmark sun shower

Pow, Lindsay – Boranup Forest

Quilty, Andy – The Baldives

Quinn, Katie – Garden waterfall – sky view

Silvester, Julie – Wheatbelt winter

Slatter, Bruce & Nicole – Suburban picturesque

Smith, Dan – Where black is the colour and none is the number

Stewart, Angela – Sapience no.6

Stoneman, Sally – Dirk Hartog diary

Taylor, Alastair – Recycle

Taylor, Wade – Bin day

Usher, Peter – Within finite

Wild, James – under winter Eucalyptus

Williams, Ian – Weightless assemblage

Wilson, Norman – Fresh WA snapper on special

Windberg, Tony – Counterpoint – Gallipoli

Wybraniec, Jurek – Establishing Shot #10