1266 Royal Show 2015

Entries and Downloads

  • Schedules and entry forms are not yet available for the 2017 IGA Perth Royal Show.


Jill Best (SA)

  • Show Pony
  • Show Hunter Pony

Andrew James (VIC)

  • Carriage Driving

Amanda Peters (NSW)

  • Novice Galloway
  • Novice Show Hunter Galloway
  • Novice Pony
  • Emily Pelloe Memorial Turnout
  • Hacks
  • Show Hunter Hacks
  • Junior Show Hunter Ponies
  • Junior Rider Family Event

Melanie Skinner (NSW)

  • Novice Show Hunter Pony
  • Novice Show Hunter Hack
  • Novice Hack
  • Emily Pelloe Memorial Turnout
  • Senior Riders
  • Galloway
  • Family Event
  • Leslie Jones Memorial Thoroughbred Class
  • Junior Hunter Galloway
  • Junior Show Ponies
  • Leadinig Rein Classes
  • Junior Smartest on Parade

Competition Information

Royal Show Ring Events from 1948 – 1990’s

1948 – 1950

Ponies under 14.2h and were judged under one height only
Hacks over 14.2h and were judged under one height only
Weight Classes were 10 stone 12 stone & 14 stone
Gent’s Lady’s & Open Classes
Hunter Events
Junior Riders 16yrs & under
Senior Riders over 16yrs

Jumping was done around the ring with 4 – 6 jumps some with brush on top some with a round rail and others of solid round rails; nothing to knock off. Events were judged on pace of horse style over jumps and evenness between jumps.

Section 4 Jumping (Team Jumping) was run with riders going single file over the first two jumps then pair up to two pairs over the next two jumps then team up to four for the last four jumps. The horses were to be kept all together and an even pace was to be kept over the jumps. This was phased out in the late 1950’s.

Novelty Events were very popular and included; Flag Race Bending Race Musical Chairs Gretna Green Bareback Musical Chairs. Teams of four events were Shuffle Relay Mounted Relay over jumps Relay around the track Rescue Race and Tent Pegging.


Galloway heights were introduced as 14h up to including 15h and Ponies were then classified under 14h and Hacks over 15h.

Polo Pony events were introduced and then later Polo Crosse Events.

An Olympic Style Jump was introduced; this was a Triple bar with no wings and no fill. A protest was signed by all the riders to have the jump eliminated the following year.

Most Country competitors stayed on the grounds in bunkrooms know by competitors as ‘Cockroach Alley’. Horses were taken to Claremont by train in Horse boxes similar to floats with three divisions with a feed bin each. This was an overnight trip.


Several Olympic Style Jumping Events as they were then known were introduced.

1956 -– 1957

Hunter events were gradually being taken over by the newer Olympic Jumping including Table A Table C Take your own time Fault & out.


Grading of Horses was introduced by the EFA and A & B Grade classes were added.


Ponies were now in two heights; under 12.2h and over 12.2h but only one Champion Pony was awarded. This was also the case with the Galloway and Hacks.


Novelty Events were gradually being phased out and in 1983 there was only Flag Race Bending Race Sack Rack and Apple & Bucket Race.

Side Saddle Events were introduced as was the Supreme Champion Pony and Hack.


Qualifying events for hacks were introduced and the Supreme Champion was cut out.

The new stable complex was built and ‘Cockroach Alley’ was demolished.

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